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Web-to-Print Developers

The industry leader in web-to-print technologies

Racad Tech, is a print workflow solution provider and leader in web-to-print technologies. It provides printers with a robust web-to-print software system that services the graphic arts industry. Founded in the late 1990’s, Racad has extensive experience developing functional and flexible web applications using current web-to-print development technologies and programming languages.

Racad’s mission is to provide small and mid-sized printing companies the most advanced web-to-print technologies in the most effective and affordable ways. Its Web To Print Technology was developed with a thorough understanding of the industry and the application of field data to all updates of the code and knowledge base. This knowledge is then transferred to Racad’s licensees through customer training and support. Racad’s measure of success is based on the success of their printers and licensees.

To learn more about the wide range of web-to-print and print to web solutions available through Web To Print Technology by Racad Tech today, call (800) 994-0875.

Racad is also the developer of other award winning technologies.

Visit www.GoPrint2.com for Racad’s highly acclaimed “do-it-yourself” print drivers and online FTP form exclusively for printers.

Visit Racad’s popular VDP and print personalization portals at www.MyVDPrint.com and www.FingerPrintPics.com which are based on the Web To Print Technology engine.

Web-to-Print Team

Experts at web-to-print development

Racad Tech’s management team has over 60 combined years of experience working in the commercial printing and quick print industry as a print workflow solution provider. They develop solutions for printers in order to improve workflow and client service processes. Racad understands the printing industry inside out and are well aware of the software needs of printers. The Web To Print Technology by Racad Tech engine automates a lot of the work that printers need done without requiring the human resources to accomplish them.

Racad’s General Experience

  • Racad has over 15 years of web application development experience
  • Experience in online payment & banking systems – ecommerce, fraud screening, etc
  • Search marketing and optimization
  • UI Design and optimization
  • Developed complex programs involving gaming, statistical algorithms, random number generators
  • Specification writing

Racad’s Printing & Web to Print Experience

  • Principal employees come from a strong printing background in print franchise locations.
  • Technologies and experience spanning over 10 years in Web to Print development
  • Robust technologies built for trade & commercial volumes
  • Flexible, easy and useable business model and technology based on quick print shops
  • Extensive experience supplying wide scale migrations from legacy systems onto Go ePower
  • Experience working and deploying W2P with Franchise based organizations & understands the complex nature of the franchise environment

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