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Product Personalization

Web To Print Technology by Racad Tech, powered by Go ePower, allows print service providers, creative agencies and corporate marketing departments to quickly build branded e-commerce-enabled stores for ordering everything – personalized documents, email programs, customized point-of-purchase materials, and more – without involving programmers.

It can tailor pricing, preferences, permissions, design customization, and print parameters to fit each user account or defined user group. Create and deploy sites right out of the box, complete with shopping cart and e-commerce capabilities, or use Go ePower’s APIs to create custom digital storefronts.

It can read and store any designs created with programs that include uDirect, PersonalEffect, and XLIM, and retain all of the workflow, creative, and variable data printing (VDP). Documents can be customized using a rich-text editor feature, which allows users to control the font, style, size, and colour of text. This print personalization has variable data designs that can be added to Racad Tech’s Web To Print Technology for end user ordering. You can determine which variable elements are editable by the customer. Designs can be customized with variable data text information, images, and data sheets. Customers can view costs, order information, approve proofs, select quantities, set print priority, shipping options, order, and buy online. The system also provides confirmation, order summary, and order status updates.

Web To Print Technology by Racad Tech, powered by Go ePower’s
product personalization provides:

Customizable Templates

Provide your customers with the ability to enter data and images onto a template, and view an instant proof with the data and images merged into the item. It can personalize business cards, signs, brochures, letterheads, labels, greeting cards, and more.

Easy Setups

Using the web-based control panel, you can easily create web-to-print templates for your customers.

File Merge

Templates can be personalized either manually by your customer or automatically from an Excel file.

PDF Workflow

Receive documents in industry-standard optimized PDF format. Fonts are embedded, and spot colors are supported.

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