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Benefits of Web-to-Print

The web-to-print system by Web To Print Technology by Racad Tech, powered by Go ePower, provides productivity, profit, and time saving benefits to both your business and customers.

Your business benefits from Web To Print Technology by Racad Tech:

  • Storefront is open 24-Hours
  • Multiple storefronts managed by one location
  • Time saved using document templates
  • Storefront tailored to your needs
  • Site customization for your brand image
  • Reduced production errors
  • Receive more jobs
  • Easily manage orders
  • Eliminate double orders
  • Track inventory
  • Reduce e-mails and customer service costs
  • No clogging e-mail systems
  • Unlimited file transfer capabilities
  • Greater customer retention
  • Immediate cash flow with eCommerce integration
  • Increased search engine ranking

Your customers benefit from Web To Print Technology by Racad Tech:

  • Convenient ordering 24/7
  • Find products quickly
  • Instant pricing
  • Personalized products
  • Convenient shopping cart
  • Quickly re-order from history
  • Reduced errors
  • Customer specific storefronts
  • Controlled corporate brand identity
  • Centralized purchasing
  • Managed Assets
  • Permission-based buying
  • Inventory history reports
  • Login-free Shopping
  • Design and approve online

Your security benefits from Web To Print Technology by Racad Tech:

  • Dedicated Hosting Infrastructure: Racad’s current Saas based servers are located within Q9 & Beanfield’s data centres: high performance networks that connect directly to all major Internet backbones. With multiple connections, Internet traffic is automatically routed around network outages to ensure servers always have the fastest response times available.
  • Racad will host Snap’s Go ePower solution in Australia within a top Tier data canter with a highly reputable managed environment. Our current research indicates that among the forerunners for this task, Racad would likely select MacQuarie telecom which provides technicians, available 24/7, to access hardware to ensure 100% uptime at the data centre.
  • Physical Security: State-of-the-art data centres that provide a highly secure physical infrastructure, including the latest in biometric authentication, video surveillance, and round-the-clock security officers. Engineered to eliminate any single point of failure, multiple layers of redundancy in power systems, HVAC, fire detection and suppression and all systems are monitored 24 x 7.
  • Virtual Security: A complete suite of managed services including dedicated servers, systems monitoring, firewalls, VPN, load balancing and backup/restore. Data transmissions through https on sensitive pages (2048 bit encryption) and SSL Certificates, financial data neutral, no inter-office wi-fi, no un-authorized connections or USB keys.
  • Authentication and Authorizations: Restricted administrative access, restricted access to end user order info and anonymous end user access to upload files.
  • Hosting Model: Industry leading service level agreement (SLA) that provides a guarantee for 100% power, network availability, key services are also backed with guarantees for installation times and problem identification and response.
  • Current Hosting SLA: 24/7 management and monitoring, on-site hardware sharing, 100% power availability warranty, and 100% network availability guarantee.
  • Scaleability: Web Servers: Scale Out, Application Server: Scale Up. Site: Scale Out. High speed outbound, burstable to 1000 mega hertz.
  • Reliability: High Availability (N + 1 redundancy), hot sparing, onsite redundant spare, data mirroring, RAID-5
  • Privacy: All information pertaining to specific accounts can only be viewed by that specific account and its related hierarchal levels.
  • Off-Site Data Storage: Off-site backup and restore fail-safe – Currently, Racad has stand alone back up sites in Toronto, Canada that back up the existing Go ePower systems. Additional back up servers will be set up off-site to ensure that potential points of failure are minimized – as with all Racad provisions. Racad is also open to add additional servers at a Snap facility to provide easier access and faster disaster recovery should disaster occur, however unlikely.
  • Server Redundancy & Upgrade Procedures: Multiple web servers are load balanced across multiple servers to ensure high availability at all times, which should mean that there is minimal down time even when upgrades are taking place. Should one machine ever fail in its entirety, which is rare if ever, there would be a hot-standby machine ready to take its place immediately – with all data being up-to-date. In the event of a complete disaster at the main facility, the standby network off-site would be ready for going online with minimal data loss, if any.
  • Upgradeability: Steady flow of upgrades to technological advancement and customer requests. Due to system redundancies, upgrades occur on back up servers first, tested, then live transactions are switched so that primary servers can be upgraded thereafter.
  • Upgrade Process: Hardware upgrades are also done to one set of servers first, followed by the second set. In the event that upgrades do occur, then policy dictates upgrades during midnight on Saturday nights when activity is at its lowest peak.
  • System Monitoring: Instrumentation features can be available for Snap to check that key functions are operational. To date, main feature checks that system is available.

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