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Web-To-Print Migration


Quick & Efficient: Mass Migration

After doing business for over 20 years, Think Print enlisted Racad Tech to effect a mass migration of templates / products, storefronts, end user and customer education to transfer orders from an outdated proprietary system to Web To Print Technology (W2P Tech), powered by Go ePower.

Racad enabled Think Print to migrate the following elements into W2P Tech within 2 months:

  • 85 Companies
  • 245 Users
  • 500 Cost Centres
  • 430 Products

Testimonial from: Lillian Roberts, President of Think Print

I wanted to take a few minutes to write you in reference to our recent transition to W2P Tech (powered by Go ePower). At the onset, this was, at best, a daunting task to undertake. But the professionalism of Racad’s staff combined with the amazing software that W2P Tech is, made this a smooth, wonderful transition not only for my staff but more importantly for our clients.

Our main client who does approximately 500 orders of the total 1500 orders a month we receive through this type of technology was quite a complex site not only on the old software but to rebuild and move their 130 users with various levels of access and various layouts for them to see. This combined with the fact that they have approximately 400 cost centers that needed to be populated and several drop down menus for each of the 58 layouts that needed to be built. Their most recent emails to us were that they are so pleased with the advanced technology, the ease of use (we brought down to 4 screens what took 8 screens to complete an order) and the shopping cart feature. They were able to convert their 130 users over without training them due to the fact that your technology is so intuitive.

Within my organization, my team tells me that Racad’s support for W2P Tech was the best they have seen from a technology company. “That as they navigated the learning curve, your support was there with quick response to their questions and was more than willing to give them webinars on anything they needed.” I am very grateful to you for making this a wonderful and easeful transition. Thank you for having such a professional team!

If in the future you may have potential clients that request to speak with a company to discuss ROI, transition or reliability of your technology, I am more than happy to make myself available.

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