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Web-To-Print For Franchise Brands


Andy Law

IT Manager of Kwik Kopy

“W2P Shop allows us to accept jobs at any time of the day. For example, if a customer is traveling and needs to print an urgent job, they can find the nearest location and click on the file upload button without having to contact someone for a username and password. We received a lot of very positive feedback from all of the franchise locations. The solution is very easy to use for our customers, which is essential.”

Kwik Kopy Canada has over 70 locations across Canada, offering everything from one-off copies for walk-in customers to full-color offset printing. Traditionally, Kwik Kopy used an FTP site to accept customer files. Customers that wished to use the FTP site would contact a Kwik Kopy location and request a username and password. Additionally, accessing the FTP site was not intuitive and users were required to access the site differently depending on their operating system.

Law wanted to find a new solution that was more accessible, easier to administer, and worked for Mac and PC users. Ultimately, he wanted a very straightforward, easy-to-use solution for non-tech-savvy customers.

Initially, he tested Web To Print Shop across 15 Kwik Kopy locations. After achieving success with the initial installation, Law rolled W2P Shop out to all 70 locations across Canada. Today, W2P Shop’s products are integrated into the Kwik Kopy website and has replaced the FTP site altogether.


Throughout the first seven weeks, Kwik Kopy accepted more than 3,000 jobs from more than 500 customers on their GoPrint2 solution.

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