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Web-To-Print Cross Platform Migration


Monta Frost

Owner – BCT San Antonio Texas – USA

In 2008, BCT franchises (Business Cards Tomorrow), a committee of BCT franchisees, banded together in search of the optimal replacement to their online proofing and web-to-print platform. Their goal was to source software that was flexible and secure from a company with an infrastructure that was both capable and agile enough to support instant requests.

Although highly unlikely, the BCT’s hoped they would find a solution that could store some of their legacy data and outdated templates while allowing for a seamless transition and integration into modern file formats and accounting systems.

After investigating over a dozen different vendors over the course of nine (9) months, the designated BCT Technology committee narrowed down their list to Web To Print Technology (W2P Tech), powered by Go ePower’s web-to-print corporate solution from Racad Tech. After extensive dialogue, site visits, and training, Racad was selected as the optimal choice. In the summer of 2009, the first BCT franchise signed up on the W2P Tech system. Through a customized process, W2P Tech would accept BCT’s legacy file formats for use within the system and convert all the orders into a faster performing PDF workflow system.

The W2P Tech, powered by Go ePower, system replaced all of BCT’s old features and included much more.

The system accommodated all the various access levels (from print customer, print broker, to production manager) while keeping storefronts, reports, and levels of hierarchy intact. All ordering, archiving, and reporting was optimized to accommodate BCT and its user base.

BCT’s saw immediate cost savings of up to a 300%, faster workflow and template creation, decentralized creation of templates, and a large increase in features and functions.

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